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Dear (name of editor),

This month Local Family Services is launching a new, three-year program at Orchard Junior High School that will address interpersonal violence and other inappropriate, aggressive adolescent behaviors. Chill-Out, based on the national Second Step Middle School/Junior High Violence Program, has been funded by the Village of Somerset through a grant from our state’s Department of Human Services.

As you know, schools across the country are affected by students who exhibit abusive or violent behavior, sometimes with tragic consequences. Families from every background struggle with children who – for various reasons – fight, are physically aggressive, bully others or destroy property. Somerset’s pro-active approach to juvenile delinquency prevention began in 1990 with the formation of the Somerset Youth at Risk Task Force. Support of Chill-Out reinforces the village’s commitment to maintain a healthy, effective community for its residents.

Chill-Out will target 250 new youth and their families for three years. Second Step, an evidence-based model program, focuses on 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. The program increases children’s ability to solve problems, think independently, manage their anger and impulses, and constructively address the many issues they face. By the time they enter high school, these teens will have learned important skills. Because there are currently no school programs that specifically address juvenile delinquency prevention, Chill-Out becomes the first.

Local Family Services was selected as the implementing agency for this program because of its long history of providing quality prevention programs for youth throughout the metropolitan area.

We’re sure that Somerset Times readers will want to know about Chill-Out, and we look forward to helping you in any way we can. Feel free to call Margaret Thomas, principal of Orchard Junior High School, at 123-456-7890. If you need other resources, let me know.

Thanks for your attention to Chill-Out.


Jane Doe
Public Relations
Local Family Services




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